Know Yoga, Know Yourself

The knowledge that takes one forward and liberates one from the limited experience of body consciousness or the name and form consciousness, the ultimate knowledge that bestows upon one cosmic consciousness, is known as the higher knowledge or Para Vidya. The lesser knowledge pertains only to things that are within the confines of time, space and causation. It can help you to have a comfortable life of  physical convenience  and is temporary. It does not have power  to liberate you from the limited life bound by birth & death, hunger & thirst, joy & sorrow, and ever-changing experiences of sense contacts.

Those who seek a knowledge that is a knowledge that is beyond this relative knowledge are the aspirants for Para Vidya. It is not only for knowing, but also for doing. The science of Yoga is a practical science. There should be the desire and determination in the aspirants to apply the instructions contained in the science of yoga to their mental and verbal actions as well as their outer physical actions. The Yogabhyasa , practice of yoga, will ultimately bring to the aspirants the fruit of their knowledge.

Yoga philosophy says, ” No. You are really free from all the afflictions. You have no hunger, no thirst, no sleep, no fatigue. You have no pain, no pleasure. You have no distress, no agitation, no worry, no anxiety. You are a being full of perfection, complete in yourself, lacking nothing, full of joy, full of peace, full of bliss.” Then, if that is the fact, how come that your entire life, your entire experience from morning till night, contradicts this fact? Why is this complication there?

Yoga philosophy tells that it is phenomenal nature. Nature, in its all variations, acts as the factor which limits you into a certain range of experience which is its own territory; and by its proximity and by its close association with you, it transfers its varying experience into you as it were, and this cosmic nature with its different variations is termed as Prakriti. Your eternal, unchanging nature is an identity independent of this cosmic nature, Prakriti, and therefore, perfectly free from all the limitations that are part of Prakriti.

It is precisely because of your being associated with Prakriti that you are being deprived of that experience of fullness and perfection, of peace and joy, which is your native state. Your experience is not, therefore, your normal and natural experience. Your true identity in the state of real being is lost.

The only way of putting end to this problem is once again to regain your isolation, where you are independent. And to get back your state of independence or fullness, Yogabhayasa is the key. The science of yoga tries to give you a certain systematic method by which this can be achieved.