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A vacation is great, a yoga retreat is even better. … Not only do you get to chill in a zen location for a few days, but the retreat package price typically includes vegetarian meals, meditation and yoga classes, personal growth workshops and even an occasional spa treatment. The asana practice merged with chanting and meditation brings out the spiritual evolution and personal development.

A Vacation in India promises an adventure like no other. India is a beautiful, colorful, loud, sacred, and magnificent country. India is yoga incarnate; it is the unification of opposing forces in every way. India is often called ‘the Mother’ and is true to her nickname. She fully embodies the qualities of a mother in that she is benevolent, fierce, and inspiring. She serves as a catalyst, asking you to engage, surrender, and transform your body, mind, and spirit. India’s vibrantly rich culture can be an absolute assault on the senses, but it permeates the heart and the mind with its devotion to ritual, tradition, and worship of the divine. India is saturated with history, philosophy, and mythology, all of which are painted on the walls of the temples and the faces of her people.

There is truly something for everyone, whether it be trekking the highest mountain range in the world, river rafting, on or bathing in the holy river Ganga, or simply sitting still and witnessing the Self in relation to the dynamic environment.

Whether you want to zero in or to wander, YogIdyll offers you every taste of yoga with a great Indian touch. This might be perfect if you’re looking for a calm and adventurous yoga vacation.

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